Faculty Overview

Donghong Li

Donghong Li
Associate professor
Address: Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Statistics and Mathematics, 39 Xue Yuan Nan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081 P. R. China
Tel: 8610-62288657
Email: LDH97@126.com
Research Interest
1. Probability and statistics
2. Operational research
Academic papers
1. Li Donghong, Hidden Markov Model and Its Application to Customers Classification, Theory and Application of Mathematics, Jun, 2011.
2. Deng Shewen, Li Donghong, The Pricing of Callable Bull/Bear Contracts With Special Form of Residual Value, Journal of Systems Engineering, Jun, 2012.
1. Linear algebra (undergraduate course)
2. Probability and statistics (undergraduate course)
3. Operational research (master course)

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