Faculty Overview

Yujie Gai

Yujie Gai
assistent professor
Address: Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Statistics and Mathematics, 39 Xue Yuan Nan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081 P. R. China
Tel: 8610-62288522
Fax: 8610-62288522
Email: ximen@163.com
Research Interest
Nonparametric and semiparametric statistics
Variable selection
financial statistics
2006.09-2011.07  PhD in Science, Shandong University, Quantity in economics
2002.09-2006.07, Bachelor in Science, Shandong University, Statistics
2013.7-  School of Statistics and Mathematics, Central University of Finance and Economics
2011.7-2013.4  School of Economics, Central University of Finance and Economics
1. Mathematics Analysis  (undergraduate course)
2. Time Series Analysis (undergraduate course)
3. Time Series Analysis (graduate course)
1. Yujie Gai, Lixing Zhu and Lu Lin. (2013). Model Selection Consistency of Dantzig Selector. Statistica Sinica, 23, 615-634.
2. Jing Sun, Yujie Gai, Lu Lin. (2013). Weighted local linear composite quantile estimation for the case of general error distributions. JSPI, 143, 1049-1063.
3. Jun Zhang, Yujie Gai and Ping Wu. (2013). Estimation in linear regression models with measurement errors subject to single-indexed distortion. CSDA, 59, 103-120.
4. Jun Zhang, Xiaoguang Wang, Yao Yu and Yujie Gai. (2013). Estimation and variable selection in partial linear single index models with error-prone linear covariates. Statistics.
5. Yujie, Gai, Lu lin  and Xiuli Wang. (2011). Consistent inference for biased sub-model of  high-dimensional partially linear model.  Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. vol.141, 1888-1898.
Honors and Awards

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