Faculty Overview

Jingyi Ma

MA Jingyi
Associate Professor, Tutor for graduate
Director of Telephone Survey & Data Mining Laboratory
Address: No.39, South College Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Telephone: 8610-62289149
Fax: 8610-62288420
Email:  jingyima79@yahoo.com.cn
Research Interests:
Data Mining
Statistical Learning
2002.9 – 2007.7: PhD & MS in Economics(Statistics), Renmin University of China.
1998.9 – 2002.7: BS in Risk management and insurance actuary (Statistics), Renmin University of China.
Working Experience
Associate professor – Department of Statistics, Central University of Finance and Economics, 2007 – Now.
A general introduction to statistical learning and machine learning, for undergraduate.
Machine learning: theory and application, for graduate.
[1]     Liu Yang, Ma Jingyi, et al. (2010). A Research Report on Beijing Citizens’ Perception of Livelihood. Beijing: Economic Science Press.
[2]     Wu Xizhi, Ma Jingyi, et al. (2009). Some Frontier Issues on Data Mining. Beijing: China Statistics Press.
[3]     Ma Jingyi, et al. (2008). Regulation Path Estimator of the Models with Group Structure and Hierarchical Structure. Beijing: China Statistics Press.
Journal Articles:
[1]     Ma Jingyi, Xie Bangchang, Wu Xizhi. (2010). A Comparison on Random Forest and Bagging Classification Tree in Classification. Statistics & Information Forum, Vol. 25, No. 10, 18-22.
[2]     Ma Jingyi. (2010). On Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis — From New Perspective of Approximation in Frobenius Norm. Statistical Education, No. 5, 54-56,43.
[3]     Ma Jingyi, Xie Bangchang. (2010). Quasi-Adaptive Random Forest for Classification. Journal of Applied Statistics and Management, Vol. 29, No. 5, 805-811.
[4]     Ma Jingyi, Wu Xizhi, Xie Bangchang. (2009). The Study of Development of Algorithmic Modeling. Statistical Research, Vol. 26, No. 2, 58-61.
[5]     Ma Jingyi, Wu Xizhi, Xie Bangchang. (2009). Study of a Selective Ensemble Algorithm Named SER-BagBoosting Trees. Computer Science, Vol. 36, No. 9, 208-210.
[6]     Chen Kai, Ma Jingyi, Wen Huibo. (2008). An Improved Hybrid Integrated Genetic Algorithm. Statistics and Decision, No. 17, 41-43.
[7]     Chen Kai, Ma Jingyi. (2008). Study on Bagging Trees Integration Algorithm Based on Block Bootstrap Technology. Statistics and Decision, No. 9, 36-40.
[8]     Ma Jingyi, Wu Xizhi, et al. (2008). A Survey on Beijing Citizens’ Travel Intention to Taiwan. Data Magazine, No. 8, 42-43.
Research Projects
[1]     2008-2011, Research Program on Humanities and Social Science of Ministry of Education, (2008 LY049) : Predictive Modeling Methods Employing Regulation Theory based on L1 penalty function.
[2]     2008-2010, The National Statistical Research Project (2008 LY049) : "Supervised" telephone survey techniques—from the perspective of data mining.
Memberships and other Positions
Deputy Secretary-General, Higher Education Branch of Statistical Education Society of China.
Honors and Awards
Ten outstanding class-teachers, Central University of Finance and Economics.

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