Faculty Overview

Jie Meng

Associate Professor
Address:  Central University of Finance and Economics, 39 South College Road, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China �� 100081
Tel:   8610-62289149
Fax:   8610-62288184
Email:  mengjie517@126.com
Research Interest
Complex Data Analysis
2003.9-2007.6 Ph.D., System Engineering, School of Economics & Management, Beihang University
1999.9-2003.6 B.S., Applied Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Beihang University
2007.6- School of Statistics, Central University of Finance and Economics
1.         Meng J.. Multinomial Logit PLS Regression of Compositional Data. The 2010 International Conference on Digital Business (ICDB 2010). Hong Kong, China, 2010, 6.
2.         Meng J.. Features Extraction in the Copper Futures Market of China Based on DIV Clustering Method of Interval Data. The 29th Chinese Control Conference (CCC 2010). Beijing, China, 2010, 7.
3.         Meng J.. Fisher Discriminant Analysis of Compositional Data. 2010 Seventh International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD'10). Yantai, China, 2010, 8.
4.         Meng J.. Logcontrast PLS Discriminant Model of Compositional Data. 2009 Chinese Control and Decision Conference (2009 CCDC). Guilin, China, 2009: 2190-2195.
5.         Meng J.. Three-way PCA of Interval Data for Dynamic Features Extraction in Futures Market. 2008 Chinese Control and Decision Conference (2008 CCDC). Yan Tai, China, 2008: 1015-1018.
6.         Meng J.. Multivariate Analysis Methods of Compositional Data. Beijing: China Statistics Press, 2008.
7.         Meng J., Wang H. W.. Nonlinear Structure Analysis with Partial Least Squares Regression Based on Spline Transformation. 5th International Symposium on PLS and Related Methods (PLS’07). Norway, 2007.9.
8.         Meng J., Wang H. W.. Dynamic Features Extraction in Soybean Futures Market of China. Proceedings of ICM’2007-The 6th International Conference on Management. Wuhan, China, 2007.8: 431-436.
1.         “Compositional Time Series Analysis Modeling and Comparative Studies”, NSFC (National Natural Science Fundation of China), 2011-2013. Principal Investigator.
2.         “Modeling and Application Analysis for Features Mining in Commodity Futures Market of China”, Ministry of Education Foundation, 2009-2012. Principal Investigator.
1.         Mathematical statistics
2.         Statistics
3.         Econometrics
4.         Multivariate Statistical Analysis

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