Faculty Overview

Huijuan Wang

Huijuan Wang
Address: Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Statistics and Mathematics, 39 Xue Yuan Nan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081 P. R. China
Email: huijuan-wang@163.com
Research Interest
1. Econometric analysis
2. Input-output analysis
3. Energy economics
2007.09-2012.07 PhD in Management, AMSS, Input-output analysis
2003.09-2007.07 Bachelor in Science, SDU, Mathematics
2012.7-  Central University of Finance and Economics
1. National Economic Statistics(undergraduate course)
2. National Economic Accounting(undergraduate course)
2. Statistics (undergraduate course)
1. Wang H., Xiao J. et al. The Short-term Prediction and Early-warning Research on Wholesale Prices of China s Corn, Chinese Rural Economy, 2013(9):44-53.
2. Wang H., Chen X. et al. How and what extent does the international financial crisis affect China’s GDP? Management Review, 2012(3): 3-7.
3. Wang H., Chen X. et al. The effect of rasing wages on the prices and the cost of exports, Journal of System Science and Mathematical, 2011(2): 197-205.
4. Wang H., Chen X. Exploring the reasons of non-farm employment increase of China. Journal of Systems Engineering, 2011(5): 987-992.
5. Wang H., Chen X. et al. Three types of energy input-output models: analysis and comparison. Systems Engineering-Theory & Practice. 2010(5): 987-992.
6. Wang H., Xia Y. et al. Reaearch on energy consumption indicators by input-occupancy-output techniques, Statistical Research, 2008(6):25-28.
7. Wang H. Human capital: net exporter or net importer? The 22th International Input-Output Conference (received).
8. Wang H. Wan F. and Xiao J. Forecasting and Early-warning Research on the Price of China's Corn and Late Indica Rice. 2013 World Agricultural Outlook Conference, Beijing, 2013.06.
Honors and Awards
Outstanding paper of 8th Chinese Input-Output Conference

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