Faculty Overview

Xiaodi Wang

Xiaodi WANG
Address: Central University of Finance and Economics, School of Statistics Mathematics, 39 Xue Yuan Nan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081 P. R. China
Tel: 8610-62288522
Fax: 8610-62288522
Email: wangxiaodi8@gmail.com
Research Interest
1. Design of experiment
2. High-dimensional data analysis
2007.09-2012.07 PhD in Science, ECNU, Probability and Mathematical Statistics
2003.09-2007.07 Bachelor in Science, ECNU, Statistics
2012.07-  Central University of Finance and Economics
1. Mathematical analysis (undergraduate course)
2. Statistics (undergraduate course)
3. Mathematical statistics (undergraduate course)
4. Design of experiment (undergraduate course)
 Journal papers
1. X. D. Wang*, Y. S. Zhang, Y. C. Tang (2014). Feasible Criterion for Designs Based on Fixed Effect ANOVA Models. Statistics and Probability Letters,87, 134–142.
2. X. D. Wang, Y. C. Tang*, Y. S. Zhang (2012). Orthogonal Arrays for Estimating Global Sensitivity Indices of non-parametric models Based on ANOVA High-Dimensional Model Representation, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference , 142, 1801-1810.
3. X. D. Wang*, Y. C. Tang, Y. S. Zhang (2011).  Orthogonal Arrays for the Estimation of Global Sensitivity Indices Based on ANOVA High-Dimensional Model Representation, Communications in statistics - Simulation and Computation , 40, 1324-1341.
4.X. D. Wang*, Y. C. Tang, X. P. Chen, Y. S. Zhang (2010).  Design of experiment in global sensitivity analysis based on ANOVA high-dimensional model representation, Communications in statistics - Simulation and Computation, 39, 1183-1195.
5. C. Luo*, X. D. Wang, Y. S. Zhang (2010).  Orthogonality and Independence, Journal of Shanghai Institute of Technology (natural science), 10, 271-277
Proceedings Paper
1.M. Yang*, X. D. Wang, Melody. K. (2013). Identification of consumer adverse drug reaction messages on social media, Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2013. 2013.06.18-22,  Jeju Island, Korea.
2. X. D. Wang*, Y. S. Zhang (2011). W Statistic for the Identification of Non-influential Global Sensitivity Indices,2011 national seminar on DOE,  2011.11.18-20 �� Shanghai Normal University, China
 3. Y. S. Zhang*, X. D. Wang, X. Q. Zhang, C. Y. Pan, X. P. Chen, H. Wang, J. J. Tian, S. S. Mao (2009). Essential theory of orthogonal balanced block designs, The 6th Statistics and Probability Seminar across the Taiwan Strait, 2009.01.06-08, Nanjing University

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